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How to wash a car

Although washing a car might seem like a rather straightforward task, in reality it’s not that simple. Anyone can wash a car however if not done correctly you can end up right where you started sooner than you’d expect. To help you prepare for washing your vehicle, we have put together a short guide filled with tips and advice.

Before you even start it’s crucial that you make sure your car is in the right spot. You want the vehicle to have enough room to dry. Parking the car under is probably the worst idea ever. Things such as leaves and bird droppings will stick to your newly-washed vehicle, which is why where you park your car is so important.

Another thing you’ll need to remember is to have all your supplies ready. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of washing your car when all of the sudden you realise that you are missing something.

Things you will need:

–    Car wash soap
–    Car-washing sponge
–    Garden hose
–    Soft towels or rags
–    Bucket
–    Tire cleaner

First of all you have to prepare the cleaner. Fill a bucket halfway with water and give it a good stir with the sponge. Leave the sponge inside the bucket for a moment to soak up the cleaner.
Make sure you use actual car wash soap, instead of using normal soap, as it’s designed to clean the vehicle without stripping off the wax.

Before you use the sponge, spray water all over the car with a garden hose. It will get the vehicle ready and prepare it for the next stage.
Now that your vehicle is ready, grab the sponge and squish most of the excess water on the surface of the car then begin washing.

Once you finish, remember to wipe the excess water with a towel as soon as possible to prevent the cleaner from leaving stains all over your car.

After the car’s body has been washed it’s time to turn your attention to the tires.  Spray them with tire cleaner and use a sponge to rub the cleaner in and remove any dirt. Read the instructions on the label however as some tire cleaners need to be washed off with water.

There you have it. Now you know how to wash a car the proper way.
For more information and guides about car maintenance look through our website, which is updated regularly.

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