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Car Wipers

All modern vehicles have car wipers. We use them on a regular basis however we don’t really give them much consideration. We often take them for granted forgetting that, like any other part of a vehicle, they can break.

It’s recommended that car wipers should be changed every 6 to 12 months. If proper care is taken however, your car wipers can last a little longer.

We’ve put together a short guide to help you get the most out of your car wipers that we hope you’ll find useful.

It can often be difficult to determine whether your car wipers are working properly or not. There are a few signs that you can look out for however, ones that can tell you when it’s time to replace your wipers.

If you notice that your car wipers are skipping, squeaking or streaking, it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about replacing them.

Very often, car wipers will stop making proper contact with the windshield, which is another indicator that it’s time to purchase some new wipers.

To get the most out of your wipers, it’s always a good idea to carry out regular checks on them.

Due to their importance it’s crucial that you don’t ignore the warning signs. Good visibility is fundamental when driving, which is why it’s extremely important you take proper care of them.

It’s possible to make car wipers last a little longer however we still recommend you replace them at least once a year.

Only use car wipers when completely necessary. People often abuse their wipers because they take them for granted. Before turning your wipers on, always ask yourself whether you truly need them or if you can do without them.

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