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How to prepare your car for sale

How to prepare your car for sale

Before selling your car, you need to remember that you should prepare it before putting it on sale. Paying attention to details and getting a little work done beforehand can add to the value of your car; at times even hundreds of pounds worth of value. Whether you’re selling a[…]

How to look after alloy wheels?

With regards to high quality vehicle wheels, alloy wheels rank high in charts. As these wheels are constructed with aluminium, they’re much more powerful, and supply better acceleration and braking than regular steel wheels. Additionally, alloy wheels improve the look of your vehicle, passing on an elegant look.  However, to[…]

Selling Your Old Sports Car

Selling Your Old Sports Car

Sports cars have become a staple of the automotive world. Ever since they first emerged they have continuously gained momentum, becoming more popular as time progressed. Today millions of people around the globe are proud owners of their very own sports cars. If the time has come for you to[…]

Getting rid of your old car

Getting rid of your old car: To sell or to scrap? If you’re stuck with a car you no longer require, you are likely eager to get rid of it as soon as possible. Although that’s easier said than done, there are many ways you can improve your chances of[…]

Driving Abroad

Driving Abroad – Holiday Car Tips

The time we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Yes, it’s summer time, and most of us are probably preparing to go on that well-deserved family holiday. With schools breaking up for the summer and people taking time off work, to go on exciting adventures, it’s the perfect time[…]