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How To Save On Fuel

save on fuel

How To Save On Fuel

Although petrol and diesel prices have stopped rising for a bit, running a car can still be very expensive. People often complain about fuel prices however there are numerous ways that can save you money on fuel. We have put together a short guide to help you get the most from your vehicles whilst saving money on fuel.

The first, and perhaps the most obvious, thing you can do is make fewer trips. If possible, you should combine all your daily errands into one big trip. Whilst this isn’t always an option, you should try it whenever possible.

Driving during rush hour can be very stressful. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a traffic jam after a long day at work. Not only is travelling in the rush hour annoying but it’s also expensive. The amount of fuel wasted in a traffic jam is ridiculous. Not driving during rush hour is the best solution however that simply isn’t an option for most of us. Switching to a hybrid car could also help greatly as they’re designed to use less fuel in town.

Getting rid of unnecessary weight can also save you money believe it or not. The more weight the vehicle has to carry the more fuel it will use. Check the boot of your car and remove any items you are not using.

Accelerating smoothly and driving at a constant speed can also be beneficial. Become a patient driver and you’ll save money of fuel. Don’t try overtaking other cars as it’s pretty much pointless and it costs you money.

Turning off the air-con is a simple way to save yourself some money on fuel. Instead of turning it on when you’re cold, wear more layers or put on a coat.

Sticking to the speed limit can also be beneficial. Many people think that just because they speed they can get to their destination sooner, which is true however that 10 or 20 minutes is going to cost you as the car is burning more fuel whilst you are going fast.

Carrying out regular checks on your vehicle is also recommended. Low tyre pressure puts more strain on the car therefore it has to use more fuel to operate.

Although fuel prices are currently rather low it’s always good to know what you can do to save yourself some money.

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